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Staged concert The Three Little Pigs

Staged concert The Three Little Pigs

2019 November 10, Sunday, 12.00
Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania Events’ Hall, Vilnius
Staged concert The Three Little Pigs

With the smile on his face conductor Vilmantas Kaliūnas says, that this concert is opted for all children from the age 3 to 99: the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and young talents patronised by Rostropovich Charity and Support Foundation “Support for Lithuanian Children” will musically narrate a well-known fable The Three Little Pigs. The performers and listeners all together will learn a song Where Does One Find Good Workers.

Upon graduating from the School for Little Pigs Pirky, Parky and Porky will follow the conductor Kaliūnas to the wide world of musical adventures. They quickly will get tired and decide to build houses on a meadow. Pirky will build his house from golden straw, inexperienced builder Parky – from crooked sticks, while Porky will labour in the construction of his house of bricks. However, hiding behind the shrub at the fringe of a forest an old and hungry Wolf will keep an eye on that… 

Ticket prices
8 Eur

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