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Musical Domino

Musical Domino

2019 March 17, Sunday, 16.00
Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius
With the participation of: LAURYNAS LAPĖ (trumpet), ANDRIUS REKAŠIUS (percussion)
Musical Domino

JONAS JURKŪNAS – Superposition for violin and piano (premiere, dedicated to Domino Duo)
ERIC EWAZEN – Trio for trumpet, violin and piano 
JURGIS JUOZAPAITIS – Sketches of the Old Town (premiere, dedicated to Domino Duo)
ANATOLIJUS ŠENDEROVAS – Sonata for violin and piano
MARIUS SALYNAS – Synapsis for violin, piano and percussion (premiere, dedicated to Domino Duo)

Pianist Indrė Baikštytė and violinist Rūta Lipinaitytė are rated the top-rank performers of their generation. Their participation in various chamber ensembles often guarantees high quality. For over two decades they have also been performing as a Domino Duo. According to both performers, they chose Latin word domina (proprietress) because on stage they feel at home. The black and white contrast reveals the essence of the Domino Duo name – their different appearance as well as the diversity of their repertoire. “I believe that there are just a few performers in Lithuania who can claim, that they are at their best when performing contemporary music. It is remarkable, that this Duo is not only able to evocatively and intellectually present audiences with the 20th and 21st c. music, but also introduce its wide panorama”, wrote musicologist Rasa Murauskaitė in 7 meno dienos weekly. This afternoon, together with their colleagues the Duo offers a range of their favourite contemporary music and new opuses dedicated to Domino Duo.

Composer Jurgis Juozapaitis on his Old Town Sketches dedicated to the Duo: “I was always fascinated with Vilnius old town, the harmony and beauty of the buildings, the magic formula of the builders of the time. We know the maxim that architecture is frozen music. With the sounds of music I attempt to move this stiffness, and via this masterful violin and piano duo to reflect and look at the creation of old masters”. Synapsis, Marius Salynas’ newest opus, is constructed from expressive sound images bordering on contrastive sharp sonorities and repetitive meditations. The percussion, adapted to the premiere in Vilnius, gives the rhythmic pulse. In his composition Superposition Jonas Jurkūnas employs categories of quantum physics. Here superposition is a phenomenon, when an elementary particle has two qualities at the same time. “In this composition I attempted to engage both instruments in parallel – each of them is both a soloist and an accompanist. Music material is presented in superposition as well – separate parts are both a theme and a development. The composition itself is also two-folded: a reflection and a mirror at the same time”, says the composer.

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