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Staged concert Japanese Impressions

Staged concert Japanese Impressions

2020 February 2, Sunday, 12.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
Students of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater
Staged concert Japanese Impressions

NEY ROSAURO – Japanese Overture
ANTHONY J. CIRONE – Japanese Impressions
MINORU MIKI – Marimba spiritual
KEIKO ABE – The Wave

If the Giunter Percussion Ensemble ensues on stage – it will be hot! Such is the “nature” of percussion instruments – rhythm, energy, movement, momentum. And if the concert program is dedicated to a country like Japan! Percussion in Japan is a cult instrument, rooted in the old and deep taiko drumming (percussion form using big drums) tradition. Created about a thousand years ago, these drums were used to gain benevolence of gods and spirits. Later, they were played at the traditional No and Kabuki theatre shows. Eventually, taiko became a form of musical art. Drumming ensembles enjoy special popularity in Japan. The music of percussion is even thought to have healing properties.

The concert will feature music by Japanese composers and composers from other countries, the United States and Brazil. According to percussionist Pavel Giunter, many of the composers who have been to Japan got enchanted and inspired by its culture and return to this country through their music.

The Giunter Percussion Ensemble was formed in 1995 on the initiative of percussionist Giunter. The group often performs at musical events in Lithuania, as well as prestigious international festivals in Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, etc. Many Lithuanian and foreign composers have dedicated their works to the ensemble.

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6, 8, 10 Eur

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