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Birds of Eden

Birds of Eden

Opening of the concert season
2019 September 28, Saturday, 19.00
Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania Great Renaissance Hall, Vilnius
Birds of Eden

ALGIRDAS MARTINAITIS – Birds of Eden (string orchestra version)
WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART – Symphony No. 29 in A major, KV 201
NICCOLÒ PAGANINI – Concerto for violin and orchestra N. 1, in D major, Op. 6

The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and its artistic director, violinist and conductor Sergej Krylov open the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society’s 79th concert season with an attractive and varied programme.

The concert begins with the string orchestra version of Birds of Eden by Lithuanian composer Algirdas Martinaitis. “This composition was written in 1981 for electric cello and phonogram. In due course of time one needs to review earlier opuses: sometimes fixing “errors of youth”, sometimes due to a request for a new version. I have pondered over the string orchestra version in the past. In this version, Birds of Eden get more rhythmical movement, orchestral lines and “varicoloured” feathers, which won’t ever be too much in Eden. Over and above that, the listeners are expecting to be delighted, or even tempted?” says the composer. Musicologist Laimutė Ligeikaitė reminds, that “it is extremely difficult to perform Martinaitis’ works, for the performer needs to play not only notes; moreover, the meaning of those notes lies not only in sound. His music asks for an adequate experience, knowing of the context and not only musical”. But hey! Tonight Birds of Eden will be in the hands of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra!

Mozart wrote the Symphony No. 29 at the age of eighteen. It is among his most popular early, Salzburg period, compositions: he composed this opus of perfect form and masterful texture upon his return from Vienna, which he visited with his father.

Not only Niccolò Paganini was an outstanding violin virtuoso, but also an originator of a new, romantic performing, style. His five violin concerti mark an important step in the development of this genre. Colourful harmony, melodiousness, improvisational element and romantic verve stemming from Italian folklore and rhythms are the prevalent features of his concerti. Consummately skilled violinist Paganini daringly employed all forms of violin performing technique; his innovatory compositions greatly influenced the advancement of the instrumental concerto genre. Exceptionally virtuoso First Concerto, composed in 1811, will be performed by the emotional Sergej Krylov, the favourite violinist of the audiences in Lithuania and worldwide.

Ticket prices
15, 20, 30, 40 Eur

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