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Autumnal Soundscapes

Autumnal Soundscapes

2020 September 20, Sunday, 15.00
Trakai Castle Great Hall, Trakai
Autumnal Soundscapes

JUOZAS GRUODIS – String quartet in D minor
JONAS ŠVEDAS – Raliavimas for solo birbynė; Ballade for birbynė and string quartet (arranged by Tadas Šileika)
VYTAUTAS MIKALAUSKAS – Roads of the Motherland for birbynė and string quartet (arranged by Tadas Šileika)
ALGIRDAS KLOVA – Peaceful Morning  for birbynė and string quartet (premiere, 2020)
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH – Arioso from cantata, BWV 156
BERNHARD HENRIK CRUSELL – Divertimento in C major, Op. 9, for oboe and strings
JAN VÁCLAV KALIVODA – Morceau de Salon (Salon Music), Op. 228 (arranged for oboe and strings by V. Striaupaitė-Beinarienė)

“Birbynė fascinates foreign audiences and it is a pity that at home it is sometimes so undeservedly relegated to the background,” says talented performer Vytautas Kiminius. He has presented birbynė in projects such as Traveling Youth Orchestra European tour, This is How Europe Sounds in Germany, on the Deutsche Welle TV channel in Berlin and elsewhere. Kiminius has repeatedly won the National Jonas Švedas Competition, the international competition Renaissance in Armenia. The birbynė player teaches at Vilnius Balys Dvarionas Music School, gives concerts in Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Germany, performs as a soloist with various ensembles: string quartet, baroque music ensemble, chamber orchestra. Kiminius is also the artistic director of the orchestra of Vilniaus pynimėlis Song and Dance Ensemble. “Birbynė is a value in itself, not to mention the music that can be played on it. Of course, its roots are in folk music, but everything is improving, the boundaries are expanding: my repertoire is also becoming richer every year”, says Kiminius, this time presenting a unique chamber programme with the outstanding Čiurlionis Quartet. It features both music by Lithuanian composers and the most beautiful examples of world classics, which will sound in even more subtle shades and moods due to the combination of unique timbres and special environment.

The concert also presents the premiere of Algirdas Klova’s Peaceful Morning. “The idea to write a larger-scale piece for a birbynė with a string quartet came a long time ago, but now I have a specific performer – Vytautas Kiminius, who wants to perform this music, so the idea has become real. There are almost no works of this genre in Lithuania, birbynė is mostly used in song and dance ensembles, but birbynė needs music, which would help to publicly demonstrate this national instrument of ours, its sound palette. Especially since birbynė has been improved over time in accordance with technical standards of professional, classical instruments (e.g. clarinet, oboe). Today birbynė has many new performance possibilities that should be used to demonstrate its sound features”, says the composer.

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