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Tanya Tagaq with Symphony Orchestra

Tanya Tagaq with Symphony Orchestra

2019 October 12, Saturday, 19.00
National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

Concert of Festival GAIDA

Soloists: RŪTA LIPINAITYTĖ (violin), INDRĖ BAIKŠTYTĖ (piano)
Second Conductor CHRISTINE DUNCAN (Canada)
Tanya Tagaq with Symphony Orchestra

THOMAS ADÈS – Tevot, one-part symphony (2007)
ALGIRDAS MARTINAITIS – Symphony of Splinas for violin, piano and orchestra (2019, premiere)
TANYA TAGAQ, CHRISTINE DUNCAN, JEAN MARTIN – Qiksaaktuq for Tanya Tagaq and Orchestra (2017)
TANYA TAGAQ – Solo performance

Tanya Tagaq, a Canadian music sensation dubbed as Polar Punk, and stage partner of the celebrated Björk, is coming to Vilnius. On October 12th the owner of stunning voice will offer an extraordinary appearance with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Modestas Pitrėnas.

Tanya Tagaq is known worldwide as an Inuit throat singer. Her singing is described as wild, mysterious, strange and wonderful, and she is hailed as the greatest sensation of Canadian music, even though her albums fall into the category of world music. Tanya Tagaq is a narrator of wordless stories and sculptor of sounds. She is an indigenous Canadian, born in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, in northern part of Canada. However, she only discovered her passion for traditional throat singing after she left her home for Nova Scotia, where she earned a degree in visual arts from College of Art and Design in Halifax. According to the singer, once in one of the parcels her mother used to send her she found a recording of throat singing in which she discovered “her own land”: her longing for Nunavut’s polar summers and a peculiar beauty of tundra in blossom prompted her to start improvising. After exploring the recordings of the traditional throat singers she developed her own solo form of Inuit throat singing, which is normally done by two women. Moreover, she presents her appearances as vocal performances, wrapped in the sonorous texture, which combines elements of electronic, metal and rock music.

Tanaq first became widely known in Canada and internationally for her collaborations with the celebrated Björk, including concert tours and the 2004 album Medúlla. Since her debut with the project Nunavut in 2006, Tanaq has collaborated with the Kronos Quartet. In 2015, she was commissioned to write a piece for the Kronos’ Fifty for the Future project, which the legendary ensemble brought to Gaida festival of contemporary music in 2016.

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