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Farewell Symphony

Farewell Symphony

2019 December 31, Tuesday, 17.55
Sts. Johns’ Church, Vilnius
Farewell Symphony

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH – Aria from Orchestral suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068; Concerto for violin and orchestra No. 2 in E major, BWV 1042
JOSEPH HAYDN – Symphony No. 45 in F sharp minor (Abschieds-Symphonie), Hob. I:45

On the New Years Eve the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra delves into music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Haydn, two geniuses representing Baroque and Classical epochs. The concert programme features Bach’s evergreen Aria from Orchestral Suite No 3 in D major and Concerto for violin and orchestra No 2 in E major. The latter was composed in Cothen, while Bach served as a Kapellmeister in Prince Leopold Court. “No words can describe its beauty”, J.N. Forkel, Bach’s first biographer, described the Concerto. Violinist Sergej Krylov, the Artistic Director of the LCO, will deliver solo part.

There are various legends concerning the unusual format of Haydn’s Symphony No 45 in F sharp minor (Abschiedssinfonie). In 1772, Haydn’s patron Prince Esterházy was resident, together with all his musicians and retinue, at his favourite summer palace Esterháza. The stay there had been longer than expected, and most of the musicians lived in poor conditions – it was cold and many of them got sick. Even Kapellmeister Haydn had no stamina to communicate that to the Prince. Instead of making a direct appeal, he put his request into the music of the new symphony: during the final Adagio each musician stopped playing, snuffed out the candle on his music stand and left in turn. So at the end there were just two violins left (Haydn and his concertmaster). The Prince seemed to have understood the message: the court returned to the city the day following the performance.  

It is the National Philharmonic’s oldest New Year Eve concert tradition – to bid farewell to the Old Year with Haydn’s Abschiedssinfonie. For almost 50 years the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra has been performing the legendary opus in a vanishing candlelight …

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