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Ex Tenebris Lux. Žibuoklė Martinaitytė’s Music Expanse

Ex Tenebris Lux. Žibuoklė Martinaitytė’s Music Expanse

2021 June 9, Wednesday, 19.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Concert Hall, Vilnius

Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

Soloists: PETRAS GENIUŠAS (piano), PAVEL GIUNTER (percussion)
Ex Tenebris Lux. Žibuoklė Martinaitytė’s Music Expanse

Nunc fluens. Nunc stans for percussion and string orchestra (2020)
Chiaroscuro Trilogy for piano and string orchestra (2017)
Ex Tenebris Lux for string orchestra (2021, commission of the Vilnius Festival 2021, world premiere)


“In sounds, I seek the hidden meaning that lies within every atom of this universe. With each composition, I want to ask an existential question and answer it. The composition is akin to a state that changes and transforms both the composer and the listeners”, says composer Žibuoklė Martinaitytė. A concert dedicated to her music will take place on June 9 and will feature prominent Lithuanian performers – the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, pianist Petras Geniušas, percussionist Pavel Giunter and conductor Karolis Variakojis.

New York-based composer Martinaitytė has won many awards, including the Lithuanian Government Culture and Art Prize, and two gold medals at the Global Music Awards. Martinaitytė’s recent album Saudade, released by the Finnish record company Ondine, was reviewed and endorsed by The New York Times and featured in the British Gramophone magazine.

The title of the first work programmed tonight, Nunc fluens. Nunc stans (2020), came from Boethius’ Latin dictum “Nunc fluens facit tempus. Nunc stans facit aeternitatum”, which translates into English as “The now that passes produces time, the now that remains produces eternity”. This idea of ​​possible different experience of the present – one passing and the other standing still – resonated greatly with the current period of the virus pandemic. This opus is a diptych, the two movements of which are performed without interruption. The first reflects the flowing time and the second – the stagnant time.

The philosophical thread connecting Chiaroscuro Trilogy (2017) and Ex Tenebris Lux (2021) is light-dark as a metaphor for existence, its play, its transformation into a form of sound. Chiaroscuro (It. chiaro – light, scuro – dark) is a term used mainly in the context of painting, embracing light and darkness, as if describing the very essence of our existence. In the form of sounds this work examines various proportions of light and darkness, and their mutual relationship. Each movement of the trilogy focuses on a particular aspect of this relationship, presenting a scale of gradations from light in darkness to darkness in light.

“The Latin title of Ex Tenebris Lux, the opus commissioned by the Vilnius Festival 2021, translates into English as From Darkness Comes Light. It seems to symbolically provide promising guidelines in the face of the current pandemic and the uncertainty that arises from it. How important it is to have that flash of light displayed on the inner compass, stick to it, and not lose it in the darkest moments. I wanted this music to become a guide through the zone of prolonged darkness and finally bring us to the light, to allow us to experience it if only in a form of sound”, says the composer.

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