Paganini and Beethoven’s Masterpieces

To mark Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birth anniversary
2020 October 10, Saturday, 19.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
Paganini and Beethoven’s Masterpieces

NICCOLÒ PAGANINI – Concerto for violin and orchestra No. 5 in A minor, MS78 (arr. Alexander Strelnikov)
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 4 in B flat major, Op. 60

The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and its artistic director, violinist and conductor Sergej Krylov present works by two contemporaries, Niccolò Paganini and Ludwig van Beethoven, whose birthday is commemorated this year.

Paganini was not only a prominent violin virtuoso, but also the pioneer of a new, romantic, style of performance. His five violin concerti mark an important stage in the development of this genre. Their style is characterized by colourful harmony, as well as melodiousness, improvisation and romantic flair stemming from Italian folklore and rhythm. Wizard of the instrument, Paganini employed all techniques of violin playing with unprecedented boldness, and his innovative works had a great influence on the development of the instrumental concerto genre. Tonight, the emotional Krylov, admired around the globe, will play a large-scale, virtuoso and one of the most widely performed Fifth Concerto in A minor (1830).

Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony in B flat major, Op. 60, highly valued by contemporaries, was dubbed Beethoven’s most romantic symphony and enjoyed great popularity. The composer worked on it in summer of 1806 while at the manor of his fellow counts Brunsvik in Hungary. At the time, the composer is in love, the future seems to be smiling at him. A time of dramatic experience and despair sinks into oblivion, even progressive deafness is not frightening. Just recently having intended to “grab fate by the throat”, Beethoven seems to come to terms with it. He is in love with the Count’s sister Josephine Brunsvik and is her beloved, they see each other every day. Finally, they become engaged. It is believed that Josephine was the Immortal Beloved (Unsterbliche Geliebte) to whom Beethoven dedicated his sincere confession, the gentlest and most intimate love letter. It was found after his death, for it apparently remained unsent. Unfortunately, the engagement broke, as did all that had happened before. However, the echoes of happiness, joy and bright hopes experienced at that time can be heard in the symphony written just then.

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