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An Afternoon with Mozart

An Afternoon with Mozart

2020 October 18, Sunday, 16.00
Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius
ENRICO CASULARO (transverse flute, Italy)
NIJOLĖ DOROTĖJA BENIUŠYTĖ (harpsichord; Italy, Lithuania)
An Afternoon with Mozart

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART – String quartet No. 21 in D major, K. 575 (Prussian)
LUIGI GIACHINO – Quintet for harpsichord and string quartet Navigando (premiere, 2019)
WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART – Concerti for harpsichord and strings: No. 1 in D major, KV 107, No. 2 in G major, KV 107
ANTONIO SALIERI – Concertino da camera in G major for flute, strings and basso continuo

“Why do we have to choose constantly: Bach or Mozart, an instrumental concerto or quartet, finally, coffee or tea? It is even more difficult when one is facing forced opposition: old against new, Mozart against Salieri or Žalgiris against Rytas. And after all, we so eagerly choose an aperitif before a meal, a prelude before a fugue, even a fairy tale before sleep! In the vastness of dialectics, the music lover is overwhelmed with doubt. And even an experienced professional as if under spell of sirens gets enticed by obsolete clichés, leading to less dangerous shallows of interpretation. But with music, everything is simpler. All you have to do is take a closer and benevolent look and discover new horizons.

So, this musical afternoon we will do everything differently. We will enjoy Bach with Mozart. Together with an excellent harpsichordist Nijolė Dorotėja Beniušytė, we will perform Bach’s sonatas, which with Mozart’s enhancement have turned into concerts. We will celebrate the world premiere of Italian contemporary composer Luigi Giachino – his quintet Navigando (Swimming) like a life’s metaphor will outspread through three elements of the opus, three sensations: Orizzonte (Horizon), Notturno (Nocturne) and Sole sull’acqua (Sun on the Water). Next to it, the works of dear colleagues and sometimes even close collaborators Mozart and Salieri will be performed: Mozart’s Quartet KV 575 will sparkle like an instrumental concerto, Salieri’s Concertino da camera in G major for flute, strings and basso continuo, which will undoubtedly be ennobled by a guest from Italy, flutist, musicologist and organologist Enrico Casularo, will offer chamber ambience.

Don’t bother asking yourself whether to go or not. Just choose who to go with. Of course, to the afternoon with Mozart”, invites the Čiurlionis Quartet.

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