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New Concert Season

New Concert Season


During this concert season the LNPhS will keep to its strategy and traditional structure of programming, formed many years ago: organising of substantial concert series featuring symphony and chamber orchestras, versatile chamber music programmes, sophisticated piano recitals, family concerts as well as a spectacular Christmas Music Week. In addition, the LNPhS will introduce new, somewhat eccentric, staged and poly-stylistic events, which are frequenting the Philharmonic repertoire each year. Revived characters of Astrid Lindgren books, a musical story of hand-drawn puppets, interdisciplinary jazz projects and intriguing premieres of contemporary works – those are just a few piquant spices of this year’s programme.

In more than 60 events of this concert season the guests of the Philharmonic will be offered a range of sound experiences, styles and interpretations – from mundane satire to All Saints’ Day contemplation, noble commentaries to witty youthful music making, conceptual programmes to playfully staged fairy-tales, and finally performers’ confessions to fiery jazz improvisations.

The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society invites everyone to be a part of Lithuanian culture history, to observe it, examine it, share impressions and become a knowledgeable participant of today’s musical reality.


Director General of the Lithuanian

National Philharmonic Society


Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

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