Autumnal Dreams

2012 October 7, Sunday, 16.00
Trakai Castle Great Hall, Vilnius
Autumnal Dreams

Autumnal Dreams 


Instrumental group SUBTILU–Z:
LAURYNAS VAITKUS (tenor birbynė)
VYTAUTAS ŠVAŽAS (percussion)

Soloist: ASTA KRIKŠČIŪNAITĖ (soprano)

Programme: works by Ástor Piazzolla, Duke Ellington, Joseph Kosma, Irving Berlin, Walter Jurman, Pablo Luna, Stefano Donaudy, James B. Taylor, as well as compositions by the members of Subtilu-Z

Yellow leaves are rustling on the island, castle court and bridges over Galvė Lake, while the Great Hall is filled with the music of Piazzolla, Ellington, Kosma, Berlin and other composers. Autumnal Dreams presents Asta Krikščiūnaitė, Lithuania’s distinguished soprano and recipient of Lithuanian National Prize, and SUBTILU–Z instrumental group: Povilas Velikis (accordion), Dmitrijs Mihailovs (accordion), Laurynas Vaitkus (tenor birbynė) and Vytautas Švažas (percussion). “As fingers slide on the keys of the accordion, lips touch the reed of the birbynė, echo moans and shouts inside the drum, so our music touches and caresses you: here gently on your back, there intoxicatingly in your heart. Nostalgic, reverberating from the past, extending hope for tomorrow. As the sea touches the shore, the wind – the longing” say the musicians.

Ticket prices
Lt 25 (EUR 7,24); Lt 20 (EUR 5,79); Lt 15 (EUR 4,34)

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