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On a Visit at Petrushka

On a Visit at Petrushka

2017 January 29, Sunday, 12.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
On a Visit at Petrushka

IGOR STRAVINSKY – Petrushka Suite

Composer Igor Stravinsky thus described the plot of his ballet Petrushka: “A crowd has gathered for the Shrovetide Fair (Russian Mardi Gras) where the old Magician displays puppets: Petrushka, the Ballerina and the Moor. The astonished crowd watches as, with a wave of the Magician’s hand, the three puppets begin a vigorous dance. The enchanted puppets feel everything like living humans. Of the three puppets Petrushka is the unhappiest. He suffers from the Magician’s cruelty, his own captivity and disgusting looks. Petrushka is looking for comfort in love – tries to win the Ballerina’s heart, but she despises the awkward runt. The dashing and peevish Moor is Petrushka’s opposite. The Ballerina has her eyes on the Moor. She is trying to dazzle him. When she finally reaches her goal, in bout of envy Petrushka prevents the declaration of love. Frenzied Moor drives him out. The Shrovetide Fair participants coachmen and foppish wet-nurses, merchants and gypsies, as well as masqueraders join in the dance. As the merrymaking reaches its peak, a cry is heard from the Magician’s puppet-theatre. All the puppets pour out to the street. Petrushka suddenly runs across, followed by the Moor in hot pursuit brandishing his sword. Caught and slain by the Moor, Petrushka falls down on the snow and dies in the eyes of the crowd. The Magician seeks to restore calm by holding the “corpse” above his head and shaking it to remind everyone that Petrushka is but a puppet. Having learned that the cleaved head is wooden, and the carcass of straw, the crowd disperses. The Magician is alone. All of a sudden, Petrushka’s ghost appears on the roof of the puppet-theatre intimidating his tormentor and jeering at the crowd.”    

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