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Musical Adventures in the Zoo

Musical Adventures in the Zoo

2017 February 26, Sunday, 12.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
FIORI MUSICALI Violin Ensemble
RITMAS KITAIP Percussion Ensemble
Musical Adventures in the Zoo

Once upon a time a strange thing happened in the Zoo: all animals disappeared! The boys and girls, moms and dads could not believe their eyes and were very sad, because they did not know how to bring the missing animals back. Soon the Zoo was visited by a group of little violinists who came up with an idea to try to bring back the missing ones with the sounds of violins.

The first piece for the elephant was played, then the one for little frog followed, then the one for golden fish, the turtle, snake and donkey, bees, swan and lion, seagull, kangaroo, goose, crane, bear and crocodile, sparrows and antelope. When the animals heard the beautiful music dedicated to each of them, they got ashamed and quickly ran, swam and crept back to their open-air cages. And little boys and girls, dads and moms, and, of course, grandmothers and grandfathers applauded the little musicians who, to top it all, gave a wonderful concert!

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