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Family series. For Those Keen on Adventures

Family series. For Those Keen on Adventures

2012 April 29, Sunday, 12.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
Family series. For Those Keen on Adventures

For Those Keen on Adventures



Staged concert after Violeta Palčinskaitė’s book Music for Troll



Do you know, what kind of music trolls like? For example, Troll Moll, whom I have met in Norway, was very picky. Even though he was not able to read or write he boasted about his perfect pitch and claimed that he has got a higher musical education… So you would think that this forest creature prefers rustling of the trees, singing of the birds and mysterious whisper of the moss… And you will be right, but only partly. For he told me, that his favourite music is the one written by Edvard Grieg, the trolliest composer of the trolls. He was the only one in the world to compose March of the Trolls specially for trolls, and now already several generations of trolls take great pride in it. Even though trolls are truly unpredictable creatures capable of various mischievous acts, Troll Moll would never forgive the one who does not make justice to the works of his favourite composer… Once upon a time one of his great-grandfathers pulled one little girl inside the grand piano because she had forgotten the music at the concert… This horrific story was announced by the local newspaper. People speculated that troll had imprisoned the little girl at the Sore-More Castle. The rumours said, that sooner or later people do return from there, but they usually are unhinged, yet other rumours said that people are not so unhappy in that place, for they are getting music lessons… However, nobody knew where that Sore-More Castle was and how to find it…

Do you think that Edvard Grieg’s music and Troll Moll will help us to find the Castle? And maybe even to meet the missing girl?

Violeta Palčinskaitė

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