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18th Early Music Festival BANCHETTO MUSICALE

18th Early Music Festival BANCHETTO MUSICALE

2007 October 4, Thursday, 19.00
National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
18th Early Music Festival BANCHETTO MUSICALE

Harmony in Diversity

17th-century German instrumental sonata




Ansamblis CAFÉ ZIMMERMANN (France):


ALBA ROCCA (violin)





In association with the PI Banchetto Musicale

Gottfried Zimmermann’s coffee house, located on Saint-Catherine Street in Leipzig, would host weekly concerts by the Collegium Musicum back in the 18th century. Founded by Telemann and from 1729 to 1739 directed by Bach, the ensemble performed secular cantatas and instrumental music for an audience of experienced music lovers: duets and trio sonatas, pieces for solo instruments, concertos for violin, harpsichord, oboe, etc.

At the time, Leipzig and the neighbouring town of Dresden drew numerous musicians eager to meet the famous cantor or to participate in the rich musical life of the Saxon capital. Hence, Zimmermann’s coffee house offered a broad spectrum of music by Bach and his sons, Telemann, and virtuosos and composers of the Dresden Chapel orchestra, as well as works by major European composers.

It was this spirit of open-mindedness and conviviality that drove Pablo Valetti and Céline Frisch to found, in 1998, the Café Zimmermann Ensemble to explore the orchestral music of that period. The group comprises six regular members, and, depending on the programme, other strings or wind instruments can be added.


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