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Sounds of the World

Sounds of the World

2017 December 3, Sunday, 12.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
Sounds of the World

This afternoon the musicians invite to stop the clock and wing around the world savouring the aromas and temperaments of different cultures. Playfulness of the performers and an array of sounds will enable to lay hold on the wind, and enjoy the tranquillity when back home.

Saulius Petreikis owns a unique collection of the wind instruments of the world. In his performances he combines a nonchalant playfulness and deep genuineness, unaffected expression and inclination toward the synthesis of various styles. Saulius plays various wind instruments: a wide range of flutes including Indian bansuri, Chinese hulusi and dizi, Greek floyera, North and South American as well as Nepali flutes, Irish and Scottish whistles, Persian ney, Armenian duduks and zurnas, Slovak fujaras, Italian, South American and Hungarian ocarinas, Australian didgeridoo, shells of the Caribbean, Slovak reeds, harmonicas. He also plays Hawaiian ukulele, African kalimba, shekere and jembe, enjoys throat singing and Tibetan overtone chanting. And of course, he pays great attention to Lithuanian folk music – plays various horns, reeds, birbynės, skudučiai, lumzdeliai, Sekminių horns and kanklės. Petreikis is in constant search for new sonorities, likes experimenting and improvising.

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