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Musical Flash

Musical Flash

2018 February 4, Sunday, 12.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
Musical Flash

Songs by Zita Bružaitė

Composer Zita Bružaitė’s musical creel contains quite a few compositions for children spanning from little songs to choral songs and operas for children Grybų karas ir taika (Mushroom War and Peace) and Voro vestuvės (The Wedding of Spider), which have chaperoned several generations of children.  

This concert offers wintery, playful and elegiac tenor with a light touch of staging. Vilnius Choir Singing School Liepaitės, the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and singing actors will perform well-known songs such as Pūga (Winter Storm), Piešinys juodu pieštuku (Drawing in Black Pencil), Baigsis pilkas lapkritys (The Grey November will be Gone), Irias varna lytele (The Crow is Rowing on Ice-Floe), Bus ruduo (Autumn will Come), Apie akmenį (About a Stone), Elegija (Elegy) and others. 

“There is not much of my music in theatre, but there is theatre in my music…”, says Bružaitė. Thus, this programme is a musical flash, which binds together a little-one and grown-up, a sedately serious and a playful listener, a singing-one and a listening-one…

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