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Missa Solemnis

Missa Solemnis

2018 February 10, Saturday, 19.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
(Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Modestas Pitrėnas)
(Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Petras Bingelis)
EGLĖ ŠIDLAUSKAITĖ (mezzo-soprano)
Missa Solemnis

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN – Missa solemnis in D major, Op. 123

Two monumental opuses crown Beethoven’s creative path – Missa solemnis and the Ninth Symphony. Here the composer emerges in his greatness not only as a genial artist, but also as a thinker concerned with the future of the humanity, expressing his own outlook on life, proclaiming the ideals of peace and fraternity. 

The external cause for Beethoven’s Mass was very simple: his patron and pupil Archduke Rudolf of Austria was to be ordained as Archbishop of Olomouc (1820) and the composition for the celebration was needed. However, on the deadline Beethoven had only two movements written as the initial plan expanded requiring taxing work from the composer. Beethoven completed the score only in 1822, but even then he kept revising it. Missa solemnis was first performed on 26 March 1824 in Sankt Petersburg. Approximately a month later it was premiered in Vienna, although only three movements were programmed.

“Von Herzen—Möge es wieder—Zu Herzen gehn!” (From the heart – may it return to the heart!) inscribed Beethoven on the front page. Beethoven headed the Dona nobis pacem section with a special inscription: “Bitte um innern und äussern Frieden” (Prayer for inner and outer peace). These words can be considered to be the motto of the entire composition, and the luminescence at the end of the Mass – as the hope for joy and peace. 

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