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Karlsson’s School

Karlsson’s School

2019 September 29, Sunday, 12.00
Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania Events’ Hall, Vilnius
Karlsson’s School

Works by Piotr Tchaikovsky, Jacques Offenbach, Gennady Gladkov

In Sweden’s capital Stockholm, up on the roof of an apartment building, in a small house behind the big chimney, resides “a handsome, thoroughly clever, perfectly plump man in his prime” by the name of Karlsson. Writer Astrid Lindgren, who was Karlsson’s neighbour and, doubtlessly, had met him many times on her walks, wrote about him in her books.

This scamp, who by any means does not want to grow up, enjoys making pranks most of all. You would never get bored with him, his head is bubbling with all kinds of ideas. And now, Karlsson decided to learn to play the trumpet. And not only the trumpet, but also every brass instrument! Not only to learn himself, but also teach the others.

If you are wondering about his achievements you have to come to Karlsson’s School, where you will meet not only actor Aurelijus Liškauskas’ Karlsson, but also Klaipėda Brass Quintet. It is going to be a jolly music lesson, full of surprises and pranks. Come and bring with you all little and grownup friends of Karlsson and those who haven’t yet heard anything about him!

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