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Osvaldas Balakauskas’ Musical Odyssey

Osvaldas Balakauskas’ Musical Odyssey

2017 June 8, Thursday, 19.00
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall (Aušros vartų st. 5), Vilnius
LENsemble (Leader Vykintas Baltakas):
Giedrius Gelgotas (flute)
Andrius Žiūra (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Ugnius Dičiūnas (oboe)
Tomas Botyrius (tenor saxophone)
Indrė Baikštytė (piano)
Giedrė Tereškinė (harp)
Jonė Punytė-Svigarienė (synthesizer)
Dainius Rudvalis (double bass)
Andrius Rekašius (percussion)
Sigitas Gailius (percussion)
CHORDOS String Quartet:
Ieva Sipaitytė (1st violin)
Vaida Paukštienė (2nd violin)
Robertas Bliškevičius (viola)
Vita Šiugždinienė (cello)
Osvaldas Balakauskas’ Musical Odyssey

for chamber ensemble
String quartet No 5 (premiere)
Odyssey-2 for string orchestra
Mosaic for solo accordion
Adagio cantabile for string orchestra
Concerto RK  for violin and chamber orchestra

In the mid-60s composer Osvaldas Balakauskas propelled into Lithuanian music as a fully matured idiosyncratic thinker in perfect control of compositional technique. After the restoration of Lithuanian Independence in 1990s, he became a symbol of western modernity, the leading authority of new stylistics. He has developed his own original musical system (Dodecatonics) employing intriguing new harmonies in combination with the rhythmic systems. Balakauskas has had a great influence on several generations of composers. He is one of the most prolific Lithuanian composers; his oeuvre includes five symphonies, more than ten concerti, a chamber opera, a ballet and numerous other works, which are mostly chamber instrumental compositions. His music is regularly performed not only in Lithuania, but also in various festivals abroad. Balakauskas’ voice is individualistic and instantly recognisable, but at the same time it demonstrates a certain universal etalon: a concord of compositional logics and beauty, intuition and picturesqueness. “Each of his opuses is like an explosion: from very dense nucleus of musical ideas the sounds scatter in accelerating ripples. However, the scattering sounds remain transparent or so to say see-through (hear-through); they never become muddy and do not turn into a disarray or a fair of sounds, so characteristic of many modern composers” artist Leonardas Gutauskas described Balakauskas’ music.  

The Lithuanian Ensemble Network (LENsemble) is an ardent champion of the Lithuanian music. Led by composer Vykintas Baltakas the LENsemble involves the leading Lithuanian performers. It collaborates with young composers and also presents artistic portraits of the most prominent Lithuanian contemporary composers such as Antanas Rekašius, Bronius Kutavičius and Julius Juzeliūnas among others. Together with Chordos String Quartet and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, the LENsemble tonight offers an intriguing retrospective of Balakauskas’ chamber music starting 1997 as well as the premiere of String quartet. “You want to hear that music again, and magically enough every revisiting turns the listener’s imagination on, revealing new relationships and meanings of the work’s deeper structures” wrote Donatas Katkus, under whose direction the St Christopher Orchestra has performed many an opus by the composer.

Partner – the Lithuanian Ensemble Network

Ticket prices
10, 15, 20, 30 Eur

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