Founded in 1940 by Lithuanian composer, conductor and pianist Balys Dvarionas, the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO) remains one of the most experienced and reputable symphony orchestras in Lithuania. Over almost seven decades of its artistic development, the orchestra has played a vital role in the development of national culture and musical life. MoreMore

JUOZAS DOMARKAS – Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the LNSO
Mature musical thinking, preference for monumentality, an original and expressive manner of performance, tactful behaviour, musical taste and sense of style – the critics have always praised the most outstanding features of Juozas Domarkas’s talent. MoreMore

Robertas Šervenikas – active, productive and authoritative conductor – is often praised for the intensive and diverse creative activities ranging from the first performances of large-scale symphonic compositions by Lithuanian composers to distinctive and mature interpretations of contemporary and classical repertoire. Robertas Šervenikas is numbered among the most talented and professional Lithuanian conductors of his generation. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was awarded the Lithuanian National Arts and Culture Prize in 2005. MoreMore

Modestas Pitrėnas is one of the most accomplished and well-known young Lithuanian conductors. Despite his young age, Modestas Pitrėnas has a considerable working experience with various music groups. In recent years Modestas Pitrėnas focuses especially on cooperation with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. MoreMore

Founded in 1960 by Prof. Saulius Sondeckis (Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, 1960–2004) the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra (LCO) is recognised as one of the finest and most internationally acclaimed Lithuanian orchestras. The LCO was the first among Lithuanian orchestras to make its debut in the West at the Echternach Festival in Luxembourg in 1976, which embarked them on an international career and new possibilities. MoreMore

SERGEJ KRYLOV – Artistic Director of the LCO
Sergej Krylov became well known to the international public after being awarded the First Prize at both the “A. Stradivari” Competition in Cremona and the prestigious “Fritz Kreisler” in Vienna. Among the most important personalities he has worked with, the friendship with Mstislav Rostropovich marks a very significant moment of Krylov’s artistic life. Following his recent successful appearances in Lithuania, Sergej Krylov was invited to take up a long vacant position of artistic director with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, an appointment which commenced in December 2008. MoreMore

The creative work of the Vilnius String Quartet, now spanning more than four decades, has left a distinct trace on Lithuania’s cultural scene. Ever since their debut in 1965, members of the Quartet have consistently polished their musicianship to achieve a deep sense of unanimity, the ability to reveal the deepest layers of music’s meaning, a wide range of sound, colour and emotions, and a sensibility to all the different nuances of interpretation. MoreMore

Founded in 1968 and having given nearly 4000 concerts over the four decades of creative career, today the ČIURLIONIS QUARTET has a reputation of an inventive and technically advanced collective, receiving critical acclaim in Lithuania and abroad. MoreMore

During more than three decades of its successful career Musica Humana presented many projects dedicated to the great German, French, Italian and English baroque composers. The Ensemble also frequently arranges and performs music form the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Since 1999 Musica Humana has been the resident ensemble of the Kuronian Spit Summer Festival founded by Prof. Algirdas Vizgirda and devoted to baroque, classical and modern Baltic chamber music. MoreMore

2 August, 20:00
„Musica humana juventus"
4 August, 20:00
"Lift Up Your Hearts". Masterpieces of Lithuanian and French composers
5 August, 20:00
"Lift Up Your Hearts". Masterpieces of Lithuanian and French composers
8 August, 20:00
“C. Ph. E. Bach and Romanticism in Music”
12 August, 20:00
“W. A. Mozart, the Genius of the 18th Century”
15 August, 19:00
Closing of the Festival. “J.S. Bach and A. Vivaldi II”
27 September, 19:00
Opening of the Season
4 October, 19:00
Opening of Symphonic Music Season. Celebrating Maestro Juozas Domarkas' Fifth Decade at the Helm of the LNSO