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The Čiurlionis Quartet to celebrate its 45th Anniversary

The Čiurlionis Quartet to celebrate its 45th Anniversary


This Wednesday, a special event will take place at the Philharmonic – a concert dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Čiurlionis Quartet, one of the most respectable artistic collectives in Lithuania. According to Saulius Lipčius, long-term artistic director of the Quartet, an exceptional programme has been prepared for the concert, featuring the opuses of the greatest composers to reflect the ultimate achievements of the Čiurlionis Quartet.

“We have included the First string quartet by the ingenious Hungarian composer Béla Bartók into the anniversary concert programme. With this particular piece we shall remind our listeners about one of the Quartet’s major achievements – the performance of all string quartets by this composer, which, along with the performance of the string quartet by famous Russian composer Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin, was the first of a kind event in the Soviet Union at the time,“ says Lipčius. Other memorable events mentioned by the performer include the Quartet’s debut concert and its tour in West Germany. The regaining of Lithuanian Independence and the first Lithuanian National Culture and Arts Prize that was awarded to the Quartet also have left a significant trace in the history of collective’s career. The audience of the concert will have an opportunity to witness the extraordinary creative atmosphere within the quartet and a high level of musical professionalism.

Although members of the Quartet do not overly emphasise this anniversary, they sometimes find it difficult to believe that it is actually true. Saulius Lipčius, the only original member of the Quartet since its foundation and the collective’s artistic director for the last 25 years, notes that while the Quartet maintains its old traditions it is also changing and progressing, either through constant expansion of the repertoire or the pursuit for new ways of expression. And they have been fairly successful so far: the quartet has performed at the world’s major concert venues extending from Russia and China to the USA; after its debut at the famous London’s Royal Festival Hall one of the most influential cultural publications – the magazine Musical Opinion – wrote about the Quartet’s amazing and magnificent interpretation, which “proved to be a timely reminder to chamber music lovers in London of what genuine quartet playing should be.” Such success has been determined by the scrupulous preparation. “We are carefully preparing for every concert, no matter whether it is planned to take place at a small provincial town or a prestigious international venue,” says Lipčius.

The Čiurlionis Quartet has a reputation of an inventive and technically advanced collective, which can melt two different musical styles into a single interpretation. “We are not afraid to take risks,” says the Quartet’s artistic director. The collective constantly raises challenges and while dealing with them, they try not to step over the critical limit. Lipčius emphasises, that the performers are always happy to see the halls full of people and to feel their support. Therefore, the Čiurlionis Quartet always strives to present its listeners with many moments to remember. 

The anniversary concert of the Čiurlionis Quartet will take place on December 4th, 7pm, at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society.


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