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No Resting on the Laurels: Modestas Pitrėnas to Conduct at the Philharmonic Hall

No Resting on the Laurels: Modestas Pitrėnas to Conduct at the Philharmonic Hall


On December 15th, Saturday, at 7pm, the audience gathered at the National Philharmonic Hall will have a chance to greet the conductor Modestas Pitrėnas, who has just been awarded the Lithuanian National Culture and Arts Prize. At the festive evening he will conduct the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra accompanied by other laureates of the same prestigious award - the Rūta and Zbignevas Ibelhauptai piano duo. The viola solo will be performed by Jurgis Juozapaitis.


These musicians, capturing the attention for their ideas unconstrained by interpretational stereotypes, are going to present an attractive assortment of rarely performed works. The concert programme features a selection of European classical music of the 20th century as well as the piece Europeana, which was composed by Algirdas Martinaitis in 2010 and dedicated to the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra. According to the composer: “It is another piece alongside the Serenade for Mistress Europe and the Eurassic Park – the short musical stories, suggestions or melodies that have floated for nearly a decade without finding a harbour to moor. Europeana might serve as such harbour where that variety of ‘floating’ thoughts would gain some respectable shape, good enough to appear before the earnest audience.”

The kaleidoscope of the classical music of Western Europe will include the representatives of German, Swiss, Hungarian and French music. The audience will hear the Trauermusik suite for viola and string orchestra by a prominent 20th century German composer and leader of neoclassical movement Paul Hindermith, who wrote the piece on 21 January 1936 in memory of King George V of the United Kingdom, who died the night before. Symbolically, the royal viola solo at Saturday’s concert will be performed by a young and gifted violist Jurgis Juozapaitis.

The programme will continue with the 5 Études for string orchestra by a Swiss composer Frank Martin, who is distinguished for his special style based on dodecaphony (and its original treatment) and the principles of pointillist harmony.

The consonance of the piano duo and orchestra will be disclosed by the fantasy Hommage à Paul Klee for two pianos and string orchestra, written by an eminent representative of contemporary Hungarian music Sándor Veress. The piece was composed in 1951, several years after the composer’s emigration to Switzerland. The composition is described as series of seven musical fantasies inspired by the works by the Swiss cubist and surrealist painter Paul Klee (1879–1940).

The concert will close with Scaramouche suite for two pianos (orchestrated by Arūnas Navakas), written by a French composer and member of The Group of Six Darius Milhaud.

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