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Eduardas Balsys’ portrait concert to mark his 90th birth anniversary

Eduardas Balsys’ portrait concert to mark his 90th birth anniversary


The December 5th concert of the orchestral music series is dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of composer Eduardas Balsys (1919–1984). This artist stands in the lead of the stylistic turning-point in Lithuanian music of the sixties and he had exerted tremendous influence upon the revival of Lithuanian music in post-Stalin era and its determined move towards modernity. The concert programme is comprised of the composer’s major instrumental works, marking the key turns in both his creative biography and in the history of Lithuanian national music.

At the concert, the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Juozas Domarkas will be joined by the composer’s granddaughter, pianist Indrė Baikštytė, and her frequent stage partner violinist Rūta Lipinaitytė. An introductory speech on Balsys’ personality and work will be delivered by musicologist Viktoras Gerulaitis.

The creative career of Eduardas Balsys, one of the most talented composers of the postwar generation, coincided with the period of Soviet dictatorship; however, his music was distinguished for its artistic value and has retained suggestion and charming expression. It was a very powerful music of startling expression, relying on firm dramatic foundation and monolith form. “Music is an emotional art, thus, the priority shall be given to emotions,” claimed the composer whose works represent an organic combination of romantic and expressionistic elements.

Eduardas Balsys wrote his music on the basis of age-old traditions and classical logic. Although commonly attributed to the trend of moderate modernism, his works display a clear line of development: from classicist structure to expressionist opera based on dodecaphonic technique. The concert programme presents key works of composer’s third creative period (from 1965): Dramatic Frescoes for violin, piano and orchestra and Reflections of the Sea for string orchestra.  The concert will open with the suite from the ballet Eglė, Queen of the Grass-snakes, representing the second creative period.

The composer collaborated with several prominent performers of the time, who comprehended and liked the power of his music, among them violinist Aleksandras Livontas, pianist Olga Šteinbergaitė, Jurgis Fledžinskas and the Lithuanian Quartet, violinist Raimundas Katilius, organist Leopoldas Digrys, conductor Juozas Domarkas and the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. The latter conductor and some of the orchestra players, who still remember collaborations with the composer, are going to interpret his music on December 5th.  In the performance of Dramatic frescoes the orchestra will be joined by Indrė Baikštytė, a pianist who inherited the musical traditions of Balsys family and was awarded at international competitions in Canada, Romania, Sweden and Lithuania, as well as her stage colleague, violinist Rūta Lipinaitytė, a prizewinner of international competitions in Germany, Yugoslavia, Sweden and Lithuania.


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